EPJ || DESIGN is proud to present a design collection with focus on craftsmanship, minimalism, danish classics and inspired by the coolness of the Scandinavian nature. Combining local raw materials with clean lines, functionality and a minimalistic mindset, is the essences and core of our philosophy EPJ DESIGN. We believe that these elements are vital to achieve balance in the tension between chaos and order. All of the materials can be found in the surrounding nature and are all carefully selected to becoming a part of the final product. It is of most importance there is an equal amount of natural and processed material, to give a feel of warm and cold contrasts, which is essential to ensure a clean and unique expression that the furniture will bring the almost any type of interior. The designer, Esben P. Jørgensen, has always been inspired by traditional Danish Design. As the 5th generation of a family of smiths, Esben persistently focus on delivering a high level of craftsmanship and clean execution in each product. It’s not only an important part of the design process but also in the visualization of the final outcome. Esben aims to create modern furniture with a twist and reference to the classic mindset - hereby combining past with the future. All together, the sharp contrasts preserve the traditions for quality design with the core of minimalism and the heart of Scandinavia.


The craftsmanship is an essential part of EPJ DESIGN. It’s not only an important part of the design process, but also important for the message and expression of the final product. As the 5th generation of a family of passionate craftsmen Esben P. Jørgensen has always had has main focus on the craft and the details in the final cut. Since the very beginning, EPJ Design has been creating each furniture piece from scratch, and worked with a handpicked team of craftsmen from around Denmark, to secure the highest level of quality in process and outcome. Our vision for the future of the brand, is to create groundbreaking and unique designs that sparks new life to the old world of traditional design and keeps Denmark on the world map as a nation of visionary and skilled designers with an understanding of what it takes to create quality and craftsmanship that will last for generations to come.

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